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"Leningrad Military District Headquarters refutation" (Junuary 14th, 1940)
"Leningrad Military District Headquarters refutation" (Junuary 18th, 1940)
Order N 17, January 14, 1940
"The Secret Supplementary Protocol"
"Meet us, Suomi-Beauty"
The Lessons of the War with Finland
Photos from 1939-1940
The map of exchanging of territories
Espionage-Prevention Directive of the Main War Council Headquarters...
Memorandum by wire
Special note about the location of the Finnish citizens on the territory of the KFSSR
"Moscow, NKVD USSR, to comrade Beriya"
The ordinance of the Soviet of the People's Commissars of the Union of the SSR

44-th N.A.Shchors Kiev Red Banner mountain division (thanks to RKKA site)
The 163rd infantry division (thanks to Great War site)

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