Espionage-Prevention Directive of the Main War Council Headquarters to the Commanders of the 8th, 9th, and 14th Armies, to the National Interior Affairs Commissioner

N 01447, January 30, 1940 01:30 a.m.

The information of the Belofinns on the positions, movement, and state of our troops is increasing.

A number of facts confirm the existence of a wide net of the enemy's intelligent services working with impunity in the areas of our troops stationing and in the rear of our Armies. Both on the territory occupied by our Army and on the territory of the USSR the work of the spy radio-stations is recorded. Sometimes the radio stations are located in the immediate proximity to our major headquarters and inform the enemy of our troops` movement, take-offs of our air-forces, etc.

To prevent espionage the Main War Council Headquarters orders:

  1. To evict all the civilians from the territory occupied by our Army and from the territory of the USSR in the zone of 20-40 km from the State border.
  2. To increase control over the local citizen in the rear unite positions areas and in the home front up to Kirov railway inclusive. To set up individual passes when travelling by Kirov railway. With the help of the NKVD bodies to find out the suspicious persons among the local inhabitants and immediately send them away out of the theatre of operations.
  3. To close the radio stations of the National commissariat in the areas of the Armies distribution not used immediately by the Armies, except the broadcasting ones, which must be taken under special control.
  4. For the war period with the help of the NKVD bodies to confiscate all civilians` personal use radio receivers in the areas occupied by the Armies.

To inform of the measures taken and their fulfilment.

Main War Council Headquarters

Russian State War Archive. Fund 33987. List 3. File 1376. Pages 96, 97. Original.
Published from the book
"Secrets and Lessons of the Winter War of 1939-1949.
Based on the documents of declassified archives".
Saint-Petersburg: Polygon. 2000. pp.215-316.