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Moscow, NKVD USSR, to comrade Beriya

This is to inform you that the eviction of the Finnish citizens from the enemy territory occupied by the 8th army is finished.

There were evicted 1800 men in total, of them: 1300 men into the "Interposelok" temporary settlement (Pryazha municipality) and500 men to "Kavgora" settlement (Kondopoga municipality).

Among the evicted Finns there are many of Kulaks, merchants, owners of the works, etc.

Some of them are member of Suojeluskunta and other counter-revolutionary parties and undoubtedly were left by Finnish Intelligent service in our rear with special commissions of espionage and diversions.

Some of the evicted have relatives in Finnish army and among local inhabitants of Karelian ASSR.

The enemy elements among the evicted will inevitably try to find contacts with the local inhabitants and conduct anti-Soviet propaganda among them/ creating by this the basis for the creating of different counter-revolutionary formations and subversive activities.

In connection with the aforesaid we count it necessary to isolate all the evicted Finnish citizens from the inhabitants of the KASSR.

To ensure this the two mentioned settlements should be transferred into the authority of the Department of the Belomoro-Baltiysky camp with the appropriate regime, guards and use of the workforce as needed.

Waiting for your order to do so.

Secretary of Karelian regional Committee of C.P.S.U.(B.) KUPRIYANOV
People's Commissar on Internal affairs of the Karelian ASSR –
the captain of the state security service BASKAKOV

Russian Federation Federal Security Service, Karelia department,
collection KRO, list 1, file 66, pp. 1-2

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