Special note about the location of the Finnish citizens on the territory of the KFSSR

To the secretary of the Central Committee of the CP KFSSR comrade Kupriyanov.
President of the Soviet of the People's Commissars comrade Solyakov
Head of the EKO GUGB NKVD USSR comrade Kobulov

In February 1940 in the accordance with the ruling of the Quarters of the Chief Military Counsel of the Red Army from the territory of Finland, occupied by the troops of the 15th, 9th and 8th armies there were evicted the Finnish citizens, left on this territory, in the number of 2080 men.

Their deployment on the territory of the Karelian-Finnish SSR (showing men, women and children) characterised as following:

No Settelment/municipality In all Of them:
Men Women Children (less than 16)
1. Interposelok – Pryazha 1329 194 401 734
2. Kavgora – Kondopoga 481 94 120 267
3. Kintezma – Kalevala 270 114 62 94
TOTAL 2080 402 583 1095

Among the evicted Finns there are many of Kulaks, merchants, owners of the works, etc.

As we found out only in the special settlement Kavgora (Kondopoga municipality) there are 111 Finnish families with:

  1. up to 5 cows, 30 hectare of land and forest – 80
  2. up to 10 cows, 100 hectare of land and forest – 29
  3. up to 15 cows, 200 hectare of land and forest – 2

The situation is similar in the other settlements.

Russian Federation Federal Security Service, Karelia department,
collection KRO, list 1, file 66, page 68