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The State Centre for the Protection and Management of the Historic and Cultural Monuments of the Ministry of Culture, the Republic of Karelia

The State Centre is leading the work on working out socio-cultural projects and providing information on the objects of the historical and cultural heritage of Karelia.

The State Centre organizes the international activity on using the monuments of history and culture for cultural, educational and tourist goals; leads and realizes the projects on involving the objects of the war history into social, economical and cultural activity.

During the period of 1999-2000 the State centre took part in the realization of the project "The Development of tourism along the Blue Highway though Russian Karelia", initiated by the International Blue Highway Association as a subproject to the KASPNET with financing from the EU-programme Interreg II C.

Malaya Slobodskaya str., 12, 185035, Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia
Telephone: +7 (8142) 766074, e-mail: loger@onego.ru, monuments.karelia.ru

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