The ‘Road to Raate’ opera

The ‘Road to Raate’ opera – a great piece of Finnish culture and history

Raate Road opera
2022. Raate Road opera

OperArt Jyrki Anttila co. has produced an opera about the Winter War and especially the battle of Raate Road. Former president of Finland, Kyösti Kallio, has described the happenings on Raate Road as a historical miracle, which stopped Finland from being conquered by the Soviet Union. The events were widely covered in newspapers worldwide. Peace was made on January 13th of 1940. Even though the conditions were harsh, Finland remained independent.

80 years later the battle of Raate Road will turn into an opera. The production will have its world premiere on 1st and 2nd of June, 2022 in Suomussalmi, Finland. The opera has been composed by Uljas Pulkkis, written by Panu Rajala and directed by Vilppu Kiljunen. Opera ‘Road to Raate’ tells the tragic story of people in war through composition, libretto and scenery. Romance, love and the will to live are the main themes of the piece. A complete synopsis of the opera is attached.

The narration of the opera ‘Road to Raate’ can be reflected on the current devastating events in Ukraine. The opera goes to dramaturgically show the suffering of the people in the war and also underline that war is never a solution.

The lead roles are played by opera singers including Juha Kotilainen, Jyrki Anttila, Aki Alamikkotervo, Marika Hölttä and Jere Hölttä. Eero Lehtimäki and Mikk Murdvee vary as conductors of the opera. The production is staged by Jyrki Kakko and the costumes are designed and made by Annukka Matilainen.

After the world premiere in Suomussalmi in June, the production will tour around Finland in the main concert halls around the country., 5. toukokuuta 2022